More Puzzles

As a precursor to Daily Crossword Links, I maintained a spreadsheet of Puzzle Sources, with notes on frequency and other salient details. Once the daily emails were up and running, it became unwieldy to keep multiple resources aligned and updated, and it fell by the wayside. But some puzzles that were already defunct by 2020 or static collections didn’t make the transition to a daily approach.

With a caveat that most of these sources are 5+ years old, and any comments from me are at least two years old, here’s more puzzles if you’re in need:

Across to Bear32 2010-2011 puzzles from then-Brown students, including recognizable names Zoe Wheeler, Natan Last, Jonah Kagan, Aimee Lucido
Alex BoisvertA handful of puzzles. I’m not sure the original publish dates.
Alexa ShortbushFrom Greg Johnson. Couple hundred puzzles, but tough to tell when updated
Beekeeper Labs140 puzzles from 2007-2010
Blather Review100+ puzzles from a wide time frame from Robert Jones, who I have not heard of. Haven’t solved any yet.
BoswordsAnnual Tournament expanding to multiple annual online events. Past puzzles available for purchase.
Bryant Park TournamentAnnual Tournament coordinated by Mike Shenk. Past puzzles available for purchase/made pay what you can during coronavirus pandemic.
Caroline’s CrypticsCollections from the Toronto Star available for purchase.
CHESUNSETTED FEB 2020 Consistent difficulty, themes fall into narrower range reflecting the publication. Midweek difficulty.
CRookedREBOOTED as Hub Crosswords on Patreon. Hex and BEQ in Boston Magazine. Previously available for email subscription, similar vibe to Gaffney’s New York Magazine puzzles.
Crossword Constructor’s HandbookFrom Patrick Berry. Comes with 70 puzzles alongside a manual to crossword construction for only 10$
Crossword Tournament From Your CouchGroundbreaking online tournament first held 3/2020, with promise of more to come. Most puzzles available for download free.
CrosSynergyIt’s darn tough to find any of these, since publication rights were returned to constructors as I understand, but a few dozen are here, thanks to the WayBack Machine
Cruciverbalist At LawGood backlog of puzzles from Andy Kravis.
Dan Does Not BlogDan Feyer has indicated he’ll be uploading scans of archival puzzles in the coming months. One batch of “Something Different”s is already up.
Devil CrossPre-WaPo Evan Birnholz
George Barany and FriendsExtensive archive of puzzles from a variety of constructors, often themed to current events of the time. I haven’t solved many.
Glutton for PunErik Agard. Rare puzzles nowadays, but a couple hundred in site archives.
Graham RosbyLast posted in 2012. Haven’t solved any yet.
Grids for GoodCOVID-19/Antiracist charity puzzle pack released July 2020
Growler MagazineDEFUNCT. Monthly puzzles for industry publication from Andrew Ries and Vic Barocas. Not solvable online, difficult to print.
Hex Cryptic archivesRepository of links to cryptics by Cox/Rathvon.
I Dreamed a ThemeKarl Ni and Amanda Chung. Haven’t posted in a while, but have gotten a few puzzles into the NYT.
Nation CrypticSUNSETTED MAR 2020. Now “Out of Left Field Cryptics.”
National Puzzler’s League Cryptic Crosswords.pdf collection of Kosman/Picciotto cryptics.
New York SunDefunct puzzle edited by Peter Gordon, pre-Fireball. Some puzzles are accessible at this link.
Patrick BerryVarious Cryptic/Variety packs available at his site
Patrick BlindauerHalf-dozen puzzle suites available at his site
Patti VarolProlific editor has 20+ sample puzzles on her site
Puzzles for Change, 20 under 30Puzzle packs from longer ago – gotta dig up links
Queer Qrosswords and Queer Qrosswords 2Amazing puzzle packs by LGBTQ+ constructors available with donation to LGBTQ+ charity of your choice.
Sheffer, JosephSyndicated puzzles under the King Features Syndicate.
The Cross NerdPeter Broda, 96 posts.
The VultureMore (old) metas from Matt Gaffney.
Theresa’s Cryptic Crosswords
Todd McClarySome “Unthemely” archives available, though roughly 80 from this site and its forebears are dead dropbox links.
Trip PayneVariety of puzzle types created 2007-2013
Visual ThesaurusA couple years’ worth of monthly BEQ puzzles.
Will JohnstonAccompanies the VERY useful Will Johnston’s Puzzle Pointers Page. Themed puzzles linked in the cell to the left, themeless linked in this cell.
Women of Letters18 puzzles from women constructors available with donation to women-centric charity of your choice.